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Biomass is basically the byproduct of living organisms, such as biogas or methane, wood or other plant matter, manure and other organic wastes. It can be used to produce heat, combustible gas (for fridges and ovens), and a fuel for electricity producing generators.

Wood is one of the oldest fuels for heat and cooking. If you have it locally available, it can be an invaluable source of energy for your homestead, even as a source of electricity.

Biogas, or methane, is a naturally occurring gas that is a waste product of a specific type of methane-producing bacteria. The gas can be used for cooking, heating, refrigeration, and even as a fuel for a gas generator.

As organic materials compost, heat is formed. You can use this energy as a form of heating water or a room.

A generator makes a great backup for your electrical system. It will convert a number of fuels into electricity for those cloudy, windless days.

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