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Cooking can be demanding, both on energy consumption and your imagination. So here are some ideas on how to build low energy ways to cook, as well as a few of our favorite recipes.

One of the easiest ways to use solar energy is to convert it into thermal energy or heat.  Heat can be used for several things, including generating electricity, refrigeration, mechanical power and cooking.  To cook with solar heat, you need specific system components including a reflector, absorber and heat trap.

A smoker is a great cooking tool to have about the place. You can smoke all kinds of meat, including ham, bacon, ribs, rabbits and more. It is a slow form of cooking, but the taste is exquisite and permeates the meat.

When the whether's nice and you're not sure what to do for dinner, disco is the perfect answer. The family hangs out outside, while the disco cooks your food. A variation on a BBQ.

Making an adobe oven is easier than you think. It is a pleasure to cook with and you can sculpt it in whatever shape you can imagine. Adobe will store heat for a long time, so you heat it with a fire and then use it for an oven.

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