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Food Web

Food Web is the ultimate integration between all your sources of food, so that each compliments and feeds the others. An efficient, connected system is more sustainable and cost effective.


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We are working on Food Web the book, which we hope to finish late 2014. Sign up to pre-order.

We are writing a book, Food Web Volume I. Here is a description and proposed Table of Contents.

Food Web is a sustainable food production system, which counters the harm that conventional farming methods do to the animals, land, farmer and economy.

The construction side of this project is comprised of a barn, water tank, pens and pasture. All of these elements will make the home for the working example of Food Web.

To all those who contributed to our Food Web project, we offer a very sincere thanks.

Here's a list of all of the how-to articles we have written. We will continue to add more, as we do them.

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