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Dirt is one of the most readily available and versatile materials. And cheap too. There's adobe, brick, rammed, earthbag, rapidobe, and more.

Adobe, or cob when it is applied without forms, is basically a sun-dried mud. It has been used throughout the world, in many different time periods. Several buildings, hundreds of years old, still stand.

Compressed Earth Blocks, or CEB, is a cheap, strong and beautiful use of dirt in your building, whether for walls, floor, or complete arched houses.

Rammed Earth, whether in earth bags or rapidobe, is a fast and cheap way to build, irrelevant of what kind of dirt you have access to.

Burying your home into the ground is a great way to save on energy needed to heat or cool the space. Earth has a constant temperature beneath its surface and adds incredible thermal mass to your walls.

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