Blog: February 2014

Monster Tomato

February 27, 2014

We had to cut back our inside tomato plant, for fear that it might actually eat the kids.Read More

Truck Wash

February 27, 2014

A new way to do laundry.Read More


February 27, 2014

Put in the main components of the orchard’s irrigation.Read More

Guinea Guards

February 27, 2014

Put up some netting to keep the guineas off the roof.Read More

Bee Swarm

February 20, 2014

We caught our first swarm of bees from our own property this week.Read More


February 20, 2014

On Monday, we processed our second, and last, pig.Read More

Fur Handbag

February 20, 2014

I made myself a little present this weekend, and it turned out absolutely beautiful.Read More

Forest Garden

February 15, 2014

We’ve started work on the first terrace of the future Forest Garden.Read More

Rabbit Run

February 15, 2014

Our growing rabbits needed more space, so we made an outdoor rabbit run.Read More

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