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Pigs are truly one of the most enjoyable animals on a homestead. They will eat anything: grass, milk, kitchen scraps, slaughter waste, and much more. Everything they eat is converted into a very tasty and varied meat. They are also very intelligent, affectionate, and funny animals who are a pleasure to be around.

Pigs are extremely intelligent, inquisitive and strong animals. You need to manage them properly to ensure their happiness and your peace of mind. A good setup - water, feeders, corral, pasture and breeding facilities - will save you a lot of hassle.

Pigs are one of the best animals to have around the homestead.  They can convert most organic garbage into quality meat.  Once they are big enough, it will be time to harvest that meat.

Most of your meat processing for a pig will require no more than dividing the carcass into the various cuts of meat, like ribs, steaks, roasts, etc. However, for some products, you will need some more specialised processing.

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