Waste should never be seen as something negative. When properly managed and integrated, it can be a real benefit to your homestead, improving the overall efficiency of your home, and saving time and money.

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There are things that you, as an individual, can do to prevent the overwhelming problem of garbage. By avoiding waste and conserving resources, composting all organic matter, producing fuel with some organic matter, reusing and recycling non-organic matter, your waste disposal needs will be very small.

Avoiding Waste

Many waste streams can be reused on the homestead. Those that can’t should be avoided if possible. Read More


Organic waste should never be thrown away in the trash. It is too valuable to the other systems of your homestead. Read More


Manure is one of the easiest and most beneficial waste products to integrate into other systems.Read More


Human manure composts just as well as animal manure. It is a valuable commodity, not something to be flushed away with clean water.Read More


Inorganic waste, such as plastic bottles, glass and metal, has a hundred different uses. Read More