Knowing the needs and tendencies of your animals will help maintain a happy homestead. Here are some facts and figures about some of your favorite animals, and of others that you may not have considered yet.

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When considering growing your own food, nothing’s more efficient for providing your family with the protein required for a healthy diet than keeping animals. Meat, lard, eggs, dairy, and honey, are all invaluable and delicious.


Rabbits are one of the easiest and most useful animals to keep, even in an urban location.Read More


Poultry are a great source of eggs, meat, pest control and entertainment. Read More


Pigs are the ultimate addition to any Food Web, being one of the best animals at disposing of waste streams.Read More


Aquaponics is the practice of growing vegetables and fish together in a man-made ecosystem. Read More


Insects are a cheap and easy source of protein, for you or your animals.Read More

Waste Processing with worms

Worms can transform almost all of your organic waste into a rich soil for your garden and a high protein snack for your animals.Read More