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Energy is one of those issues that never seems to go away. It has always been a problem for civilizations, and some experts would argue that the management of energy is the number one cause of collapse in societies and … Read More


The old adage “You are what you eat” is more important these days than ever before in human history. Everything you put into your body plays an integral part in the general health and overall well-being of that body. The … Read More


The question of how to live your life is a completely personal and individual issue. However, there are some general things that might be useful for anyone wanting to go off-grid. Anything we offer in this section is just information, … Read More


Shelter can be as basic as an overhanging tree limb or as complex as a mansion in Beverly Hills. Most owner-built homes are somewhere in between. It’s much easier than you would think, and mostly begins with information, confidence and … Read More


Water is one of the most important resources on any property. All life needs it, and as populations increase, it becomes scarce. It is a wise man that protects his supply of water from pollution and overuse. Because of this simple … Read More


When considering growing your own food, nothing’s more efficient for providing your family with the protein required for a healthy diet than keeping animals. Meat, lard, eggs, dairy, and honey, are all invaluable and delicious.

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Whether you plant crops annually or design an integrated forest garden to produce year after year, there is nothing more satisfying than the act of gardening. Even if you have poor soil or inadequate water, there are ways to keep the … Read More


There are things that you, as an individual, can do to prevent the overwhelming problem of garbage. By avoiding waste and conserving resources, composting all organic matter, producing fuel with some organic matter, reusing and recycling non-organic matter, your waste … Read More

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