Plants, whether annuals or perennials, are an intricate part of any healthy diet. When you grow your greens at home, not only will they taste better, but they will also include the trace minerals present in your healthy soil.

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Whether you plant crops annually or design an integrated forest garden to produce year after year, there is nothing more satisfying than the act of gardening. Even if you have poor soil or inadequate water, there are ways to keep the fruit and veggies coming sustainably.

Forest Garden

Forests are highly productive, self-sustaining systems that require little in terms of management.Read More


Providing your own fruits and vegetables will depend on the health and fertility of your soil.Read More


There are many mushrooms, both edible and medicinal, that you can grow at home.Read More

Wild Plants

There is a vast quantity of food for both you and your animals to be harvested from the wild Read More

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