Building your own home is one of the most rewarding endeavors there is. Before you start, get familiar with the different components, materials and techniques available to you, so that you can make the best possible design and plan.

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Shelter can be as basic as an overhanging tree limb or as complex as a mansion in Beverly Hills. Most owner-built homes are somewhere in between. It’s much easier than you would think, and mostly begins with information, confidence and ideas.

Getting Started

Starting from scratch is very satisfying, but there are some helpful hints that will make it all go a lot smoother. Read More


Concrete is a very versatile and strong material. It is fairly cheap, very durable, and can be used by the beginner in all kinds of techniques and applications.Read More


Dirt is one of the most readily available and versatile materials. And cheap too. There’s adobe, brick, rammed, earthbag, rapidobe, and more.Read More


Within building, you can use fabric as forms, retainers, temporary shelter, flooring, the foundation for acrylic concrete, and more.Read More


The foundation is the most important component. It must be strong enough to support the weight of the building without breaking or sinking.Read More

Roof Systems

The roof is the most expensive component of your building. However, there are many choices, whether you want metal, concrete, acrylic concrete, vaults.Read More


Features includes things like doors, windows, and stairs. The principle of all of them is not that hard, once you know how.Read More