One of the main factors of living off-grid is the source and delivery of your energy, whether it is for light, heat, or other appliances. There are many sustainable options that can lead you away from fossil fuels forever.

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Energy is one of those issues that never seems to go away. It has always been a problem for civilizations, and some experts would argue that the management of energy is the number one cause of collapse in societies and systems. It can definitely make or break the homestead, and careful planning and management of this resource is a top priority.

Off grid system

Setting up your own off-grid power system isn’t that hard, but some forethought and research will help prevent costly mistakes. Read More

Solar Power

The sun is at the root of all energy on the planet, but some methods of harnessing its power are more direct than others.Read More

Chispito Information

Since first making a Chispito wind generator from junk in 2004, we have received thousands of queries and comments. Here are some of the issues we have addressed.Read More

Bio Fuels

Alternative fuels are a hot topic at present. Other than the mainstream fossil fuels, there is also bio diesel, alcohol, wood gas and electric to consider.Read More


Biomass can be used to produce heat, combustible gas (for fridges and ovens), and a fuel for electricity producing generators. Read More