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Rabbits are one of the easiest and most useful animals to keep, even in an urban location. They are quiet, non-aggressive and do not require much in terms of food or space. They are easy to breed, and they make excellent manure, meat, and fur.

Your main choice of housing for your rabbits is colony or cage. We have tried both and learned the advantages and disadvantages of each.

The expression “breed like rabbits” is no idle saying. Once you have set up a system that suits your rabbits, your does can produce almost more babies than you can keep up with.

Rabbits are easy to feed and water. Whether concentrate or fresh, it is not going to break the bank.

The idea of an animal tractor, in this case for a rabbit, is becoming increasingly popular, in both rural and urban settings. The premise is simple. Make a pen that can be moved around a patch of ground that you need worked. In the pen, you put an animal whose natural tendencies match the job you need done.

Rabbit is an excellent meat. It is very similar to chicken in a lot of ways, but is easier to process and has more meat on the carcass. Plus rabbits are far easier and quicker to breed than chickens. Rabbit meat is an easy addition to a sustainable food production system.

Raising rabbits for meat has one very special bonus: the fur. A healthy rabbit produces a fur that is sleek and beautiful, with a white, soft leather. Definitely too good to waste.

You can substitute rabbit in any chicken recipe. However, it tends to dry out quicker than chicken, so be sure to cook it on a lower heat and covered if necessary.

Warm your feet while sitting at a desk or table with the softest of rabbit furs.

An awesome fanny pack, to give me easy access to coins and notes on market day.

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