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Concrete is a strong and diverse building material. It can be used in so many ways, including slabs, poured, formed with fabrics, ferrocement, laminated ferrocement, and mixed with acrylic for super thin and lightweight applications.

Concrete is a very versatile and strong material. It is fairly cheap, very durable, and can be used by the beginner.

Pouring concrete into a form is perhaps the most common way to use concrete. The size and shape of the form is determined by the project at hand.

Ferro-cement is a strong, flexible concrete, which is applied in thin layers to a metal structure. It can be used to make highly inventive shapes and structures.

Latex concrete offers a strong, fluid end product. It involves the application of a watery cement and acrylic mix to a fabric that is stretched out between main structural supports.

Surface bonding consists of dry stacking a brick wall, and then covering it with a special fiber-reinforced tensile stucco.

Laminated Ferro-cement, or LFC is a way of making strong, thin panels that can then be used in building.

Percrete and EPS crete are a lightweight concrete that can be poured into forms. They also have added insulation.

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