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Alternative fuels are a hot topic at present. Other than the mainstream fossil fuels, there is also bio diesel, alcohol, wood gas and electric to consider.

Here's a chart comparing the pros and cons of different biofuels, to help decide which fuel to use.

Biodiesel is probably one of the most popular home-made fuels. It is easy to make and easy to use, as long as you have a diesel engine to put it in.

Wood gas or Producer gas is a very old form of fuel that is easy to produce and use. It consists of partially combusting biomass, and then burning the smoke and gas as a fuel.

Ethanol is basic biofuel that can be made by just about anyone. The issues in making ethanol, however, create problems even for pros!

Butanol is a higher energy alcohol than ethanol (105 kBtu vs 70 kBtu per gallon), making it an attractive alternative to ethanol. But, it also has some disadvantages.

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