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Water Sources

There are several off-grid sources of water, including rainwater catchment, wells, rivers and humidity in the air itself. The first goal of any homestead is to identify a water source and begin to protect and manage it. Even when there is no water source apparent, there will be when it rains.

Catching rain water from your roof is the most accessible source of water off-grid. Everyone gets at least a little rain, and if you size your roof and storage to match your annual rainfall, you need never go without water.

If your property has a good supply of unpolluted groundwater, a well could be a good source of water for you. However, they are expensive to drill and it is not always guaranteed that you will hit water.

If you have access to a river or stream from your property, you are lucky. Naturally flowing water has all kind of benefits to a homestead. However, you must also be careful and check for pollution.

An airwell collects water from the air through condensation. If you don't want to wait for rain and have some humidity, this may be an option for you to add to your water sources.

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