Thank You

To all those who contributed to our Food Web project, we offer a very sincere thanks.

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Thank You

We very much appreciate all that you have done to help us further our Food Web project. We will get your rewards to you as soon as the book is finished (by March 2013), but for now know that a little part of you will be present on our property.

This list will not include the names of anonymous donators, until we get their permission to do so.

So, in chronological order, thank you to:


Lavagia and Vickie Connally

Faye Johnson

Trevor Reichman

Emily Connally

Heather Alexander

Boyd Craven Jr.

Alyce Santoro

Diane Stewart

Zane Connally

Steve Otto

Bob and Janet Matthews

Glenn Goodwin

Shawn Connally and Bruce Stewart

Tim Moores

Peter Wiggin

Daniel W Taylor III

John Stringer

Joel Henderson

Don Carr

Tan Rezaei

Katie Wilson

Porter Briggs

Golrokh Mohammadi

John Batzel

Nancy Detweiler

Rickard Dahlstrand

William Rehm

Andrew Sloan

Ron Ferrell

Michael O’Crowley

Craig Gardiner

Raymond Lutz


Christoph Kolk

Dawn Grove

Jennifer Chesters

Joe Hunnings

Derek Markham

Mark Zocher

James French

Garrett Schritter

Jerry G

Aaron McSorley

Sherrie Anaya

Lynn Siprelle

Matt Oppenheim

James Halpin

Mike Davidson

Diane Bryden

David Rowland


Hannah Mize

Tan Ru Ding

Lisha Ruda

Joan Konopka

Daniel Griffin

Roland Hancock & Guendy Fattori

Doug Lyon

Kemi Foote