Wind Generator Tower

Instructions on how to build a tower for your Chispito Wind Generator.

Making and putting up your own wind generator tower is not that hard. It is safer to do it with at least two people.

Materials & Tools


2 X 2′ X 1 ¼” Steel Pipe Nipple

6″ X 1 ¼” Steel Pipe Nipple

2 X 1 ¼” 90 elbow

1 ½” Steel Pipe T


10 – 30 ft piece of 1 ½” Steel Pipe

2 pieces #8 Copper Stranded Wire (must be long enough to go through the pole to the batteries)

Guy System

1 ½” U-bolt

4 X Guy Wires, at least 25ft long (must be long enough to go from pole to stakes)

4 X Stakes

4 X Turnbuckles


Pipe Wrench



Wheel Barrow (mix concrete)

Wire Strippers

Drill and Drill Bit


Step 1: Base
  1. Dig a hole about 1 ft in diameter and 2 ft deep.
  2. Feed the 6″ X 1 ¼” Steel Pipe Nipple through the horizontal part of the 1 ½” Steel Pipe T
  3. Screw the elbows onto each end of the 6″ X 1 ¼” Nipple.
  4. Screw the 2 ft X 1 ¼” Steel Pipe Nipples into the elbows.
  5. Set the hinge base in the hole, so that the T clears the ground. The horizontal part of the T should be level.
  6. When the base is plumb and level in the hole, pour concrete into the hole.


Step 2: Pole
  1. Drill a large hole about one foot from the bottom of the 10 – 30 ft 1 ½” Steel Pipe for the wire to exit.
  2. Screw the pipe into the vertical part of the T.
  3. Make 4 loops of wire, each loop consisting of several turns of wire.
  4. Place the 1 ½” U-Bolt round the pipe, 3 feet from the top of the pipe, threading it through the four loops you just made.
  5. Move the loops so that they are equally spaced.
  6. Tighten the nuts of the U-Bolt.
  7. Secure a guy wire to each of the loops on the U-Bolt.


Step 3: Guy wires
  1. Put the four stakes (spaced evenly apart) about 12 feet from the base.
  2. Drive each stake firmly into the ground, slightly angling them away from the base.
  3. Wire a turnbuckle to each stake, using several strands of wire.
  4. Raise the pole upright and level.
  5. Attach the guys to the turnbuckles.
  6. Hold the pole level and tighten all turnbuckles to ensure a secure fit.
  7. Mark the front turnbuckle for future reference.


Step 4: Wiring
  1. Release the front guy and lower the pole to the ground.
  2. Feed the #8 wires down through the pole an out through the hole in the bottom of the pipe.
  3. Wrap the bottom ends of the wires together to provide a closed circuit.


Step 5: Mounting generator
  1. Slide Chispito over the top of the pole.
  2. Pull the wires up through Chispito.
  3. tower-5aWrap the positive (red) wire from Chispito to the positive (red) wire going through the pole.  Secure the connection, and use either wire nuts or heat-shrink connectors. Do the same for the negative wires.
  4. Raise the pole by pulling the front guy into place.  Tighten the front guy to the mark made earlier.
  5. Unwrap the ends of the wires and connect them to the positive and negative terminals of your battery bank. If you have a charge controller and/or ammeter, please refer to manufactures instructions for system wiring.
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