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Inorganic waste, such as plastic bottles, glass and metal, has a hundred different uses. It often uses less energy to reuse something instead of recycling. Imagination is the limit on how to reuse your junk.

If you can either prevent something from going into a landfill, or go and physically take something out of one, you are helping to reduce the enormous problem that waste has become.

Plastic waste is a bane to the landfills and countryside. However, it can be reused at home in all kinds of different ways. It has the advantage of lasting a long time, making it good for certains types of projects.

You can reuse PET bottles in a hundred different ways, thus keeping them out of the landfill. Reusing is more efficient than recycling and gives you a free commodity.

Many people have a bunch of jars that they have used and couldn't bring themselves to throw away. And why would you? They are useful in so many ways. This is just one simple, quick idea on how to reuse old jars.

As the price of metals has increased, so too has the value of metal junk. You can sell any old metal, but it is often more efficient if you can use it yourself.

Aluminum cans can be reused or reforged fairly easily at home, and have a multitude of purposes. They also have a resale value, if you want to collect them and earn a little extra cash.

It is inefficient to recycle glass, as it uses so much energy. However, reusing it is practical. Glass is easy to sterilize and has many different uses.

Everyone has old tires that are no longer viable for a vehicle, but don't throw them away. They can still serve the homestead well.

Every time you change your truck's oil, you produce a very valuable waste product, most notably as a diesel. Other oils around the house can be used for all srts of things on a homestead.

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