October 4, 2013

Breed like rabbits

The first baby rabbits from our new girls.

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The other day, we noticed a couple of rabbits making nests in their underground burrows. A little surprising, seeing as there hadn’t been sufficient time from when we bred them with our male. So we opened up the burrows, and sure enough one doe had just kindled. 10 beautiful little newborn babies.

We palpated all the does, and two more will probably have babies soon, having been bred before we bought them.

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We love this new system, being able to so closely monitor each doe. Although colony style rabbits had seemed like such a good idea at the time, we are very pleased to be out of it. There were several inherent problems, one of which was never knowing where or how many babies each doe had had.

Now, when a doe kindles, we can close the door that links her with her friends and increase her feed rations. Plus we can keep a close eye on the babies, which the kids love.

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