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Mealworm Farm

March 10, 2015

Our experiments with mealworms have been a huge success. We are now farming them for real, producing about 1.5 lb of worms a week.Read More

Thank You

January 19, 2015

To all those who contributed to our Food Web project, we offer a very sincere thanks.Read More

Food Web

January 13, 2015

Food Web is the ultimate integration between all your sources of food, so that each compliments and feeds the others. An efficient, connected system is more sustainable and cost effective.Read More

Muscovy Ducks

April 21, 2014

We finally have Muscovy Ducks on our property.Read More

Meal worms

March 26, 2014

Leo’s latest pets are meal worms, which he checks every day to see if they have pupated or turned into beetles.Read More

Worm Boxes

January 10, 2014

We put some worm boxes under the baby rabbit cages.Read More

Pig Dozer

December 29, 2013

Putting the pigs to work.Read More

Baby Rabbits Part 2

December 29, 2013

We didn’t like the setup for the weaned rabbits, so we have changed it.Read More

Orchard Netting

December 29, 2013

We used orchard netting to keep the poultry out of the feed area.Read More