July 19, 2012

Chispito Theft

We have just been told that someone is unlawfully selling our Chispito wind generator plans on Ebay.

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This is about the eighth time that this has happened. Someone finds the plans we wrote on how to build your own Chispito wind generator, and they start selling them on Ebay.  They copy the content from our site word for word. They even use all our photos and diagrams!

They do not have permission to do so, in any way, shape or form. Everything we write on our website is open source. That means that the information is available to any who read it and use it, for free.

However, we don’t condone people taking our work and making a profit from it, when they did none of the work or research. We have deliberately decided to give the information away for free, and we wish it to remain that way.

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We should consider plagiarism as a compliment.  It is interesting to see that people are willing to pay for pirated plans, and at least, that shows us that our plans have value.  People want this information, and they’re willing to pay for it, even when they can get it for free.

If you want the plans, here they are, no charge.

If you happen to see any of our plans being sold anywhere, please let us know.  We try and track down these people to instruct them to stop selling our material.  Sometimes it works, other times they just get a new eBay username.  Oh well, that’s life on the internet.

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