July 25, 2012

Food Web Campaign

We have just launched a crowd-funded project through Indiegogo to fund our upcoming book and sustainable farming model: Food Web.

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Crowd-funding is basically a way for people to sponsor projects they want to see accomplished. In exchange for pledges of money, the donor gets rewards, depending on the project.

Food Web is a sustainable food production system, which counters the harm that conventional farming methods do to the animals, land, farmer and economy. We are making a working model of the Food Web concept and then writing a book including all details of construction and planning of the model, as well as a full description of the input, output, integration, processing and products of each animal included in the web.

You can look at our site for more information on the concept, working model and book of Food Web.

Also, you can go see the project here. It has a full description of the project and rewards.

If you want to contribute, click on a pledge level to the right.

Whether you contribute or not, please click the facebook “like” button, right under the campaign video. The more “likes” we have, the higher our project will remain on the listings.

Share this campaign with everyone you know!

Thanks for all the support!

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