June 9, 2014

How hot?

Hot enough to hard boil eggs.

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When hiking around the property the other day, we noticed some eggshells alongside coyote poop. So we know that the guineas are laying, but they come up at night, so are not setting. Since then we’ve been trying to find their nests.

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About three days ago, Abe finally found a nest, with 40 eggs in it! We left quite a few there, so that the birds don’t know we’re on to them. After candling the eggs we took away and knowing that they were bad, I cracked them for the dogs. They were hard boiled! We’ve been feeling the heat the past week or so, but had no idea that the ground was getting so hot.


We are now taking the new guinea eggs each day and putting them in the duck nest. Our Muscovies really want to set, but unfortunately all three are female and we haven’t yet been able to find a male. Hopefully, we can get them to raise up a brood of baby guineas instead, while we continue to look for a male. We had hoped that the duck eggs we put in a nearby incubator would give us at least one male duckling, but, sadly, not one of the 12 eggs developed.

On the plus side, all our chickens are doing great, with the young ones about to start laying. And, we got a few baby guineas and some chicks about a week or two ago. All are thriving.

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