July 28, 2012


With a little over 10" of rain this year, all our tanks are overflowing.

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People have been so generous with our Food Web campaign, hitting 22% in a little over two days. With the money we’ve received so far, we’re going to the city to buy some materials for the working model, at least get the things we need to finish off the tank completely and start on the barn’s foundation. However, it’s been too wet. Even though we have 4-wheel drive, we try not to drive on our dirt road when it’s soppy and slidey, as it just gets torn up. So each day we plan to go “tomorrow”, and each night it rains.

And now, while we wait for a dry day, we have a new job to do… water juggling. Every tank connected to any roof is full, even the containers we put under our solar water heating panels to catch their drips. So we have hoses draining from the cisterns to the barn’s tank, which is slow as we’ve decided to use gravity instead of pumps. But what do we do with all the buckets and containers, every one of which is full? The garden and trees are saturated, so we can’t empty them there. And of course we can’t just dump them onto the ground, that would be ridiculous!

Abe’s been hinting towards starting the fish farm…

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