May 17, 2013


Now that it's hot again, we got the pool back out and put it together.

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Last year we bought a Sam’s Club swimming pool, 14 ft long by 6 ft wide. We were kind of late in putting it up in 2012, largely because of a lack of water following the drought of 2011. However, this year, we’re on top of it!

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At first we only put 6″ or so of water in it, so that the kids could get in and have fun, without any worries of being submerged. Now, we’ve got about a foot in there. We hope to get them confident swimming in this and then we’ll add more.

We also made a pool cover for it, which we put on this morning. The reasons for a cover are: to help reduce evaporation, to keep it a little cleaner, to heat it up.


We’re in the experimental stages right now. Half of it is black plastic, edged with bubble wrap to keep it afloat. The other half is silt fence with bubble wrap. Both are black, which we hope will help heat the water. The plastic looks like it will heat it up quicker, but it will break down in the sun. The silt fence is UV resistant, so should last longer. Neither are ideal, but we’ll see how they do and hopefully get back to you one day with a cheap, high performance pool cover and heater.

In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying the water!

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