August 24, 2016

Potbelly Pigs

We have two new members of the family, some very cute potbelly pigs.

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We used to have pigs, and loved them, but the breeders grew so big and ate so much that we got rid of them. It was an animal that we have really missed having.

So a few days ago, we bought a couple of potbelly piglets, and they are the cutest little things. Despite being almost 4 months old, they are still tiny. Even when full grown, they shouldn’t be more than 150 lb. This will keep their feed costs down, especially as they are excellent foragers, so can live mostly off the land (with a few kitchen scraps, butcher waste, and treats).

The two we have are from different parents and will be kept as a breeding pair. The kids are already in love, and spend most of their free time with them, giving them grapes and other tidbits. For the moment they are living in one of the barn pens, but as soon as they’ve gotten used to us and their new home, we will put them out in the pasture.



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