August 31, 2015

Solar Water Boiler

We now have solar heated water at the town house.

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Last week, Abe finished installing a solar water boiler on the roof of the town house’s bathroom. It is a unit that comes with 10 vacuum tubes (which heat the water, even on cloudy days), a frame, and a 30 gallon tank. It took him two days to install and plumb, and cost $250 total.

solarboilerRight now, we have it connected to the shower, washing machine, and bathroom sink. The boys and I have all taken showers down there, and done a couple of loads of laundry, and there has been no sign of there being insufficient hot water. Even if you were to use it up, it heats very quickly, so you’d only have to wait an hour for more. I had originally thought that there might not be hot water in the morning, but today I had a shower right after dropping Nicky off at pre-school, and it was great at 9 am. In fact, the only real downside is that you have to be careful to mix in plenty of cold water, or else you’ll burn yourself!

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