July 20, 2013


For the first time in five days, the sun is out.

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It all started on Monday.

Our little pickup truck had a flat and the spare was just as bad, so we threw them both into the Ford and went to our nearest town (about 10 miles away). We were having a picnic on the river while the tires were being fixed and it started RAINING. And I mean pouring. We got out of the river area and had to pull over, as it was coming down too hard to be able to see anything.

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From then on, every day has been overcast, drizzling and sometimes pouring. From Monday to Friday, we have had 7.1 inches of rain, which amounts to about 11,500 gallons of water in our tanks. Our two house tanks are now full, and we’ve only just started construction on the third (the retaining wall for the level area isn’t even done). The barn tank is high, though it can take some more. And the pond is at least as deep as a person.


Abe and I spent some time out in the rain digging trenches across the roads and property to divert the running water into the pond. Despite being dripping wet, covered in mud and kind of cold, it was super fun! Of course, the boys were watching it all from the windows and wanted to join us, but we refused them.

Now, on Saturday, the sun is finally out and the sky is blue. We are all going to spend the day outside, having been deprived of fresh air for far too long. Everything is still running, all our trenches and the arroyos. In fact, it’s positively roaring out there, we can even hear the river from here. Beautiful. May even have to go hiking.

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