July 18, 2014

Tent House

The north storage room is finally stuccoed and has already been taken over.

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I started stuccoing the outside of the north storage right after finishing the inside (after the room was finished). However, something more important came up and I had to stop doing it to deal with that. Because the wall is always shaded, it never seemed important enough to go to the top of the list. And somehow, I never got back around to it.

So, this past week, the guys that come up and help out when we need them finished off the job. It’s now stuccoed and painted and all looks great. In fact, it looks good enough to be a house for some little creatures…

Leo and Nicky have been suggesting that it’s time that they get their own house. I told them to look around and find a good site and we would figure something out. They decided on the spot in between the buttresses of the north storage room. Perfect.

The other day, we strung up a few old tent pieces and move in some “furniture” from the junkyard. They have a bed, TV, fridge, chair, table. They head off to their house in the morning and come back to the “shop” or “restaurant” for food or snacks. It’s still very new to them, so I’m sure the novelty will wear off after a while, but for the moment our house is extremely peaceful.

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