February 2, 2018

The Cabin

We have started work on the cabin/guesthouse.

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On our place, in between the house and the workshop, is a cabin.

It’s 32′ x 14′, with a small porch to the north. It’s a framed building, with painted siding on the outside and unfinished on the inside. One of our tasks is to turn this shell into a guesthouse, with a bedroom, living room, and bathroom.

This week, we framed up the bathroom, which is 8′ x 6′. We haven’t put the door in yet, although it’s ready to hang (in its frame) once we have the bathroom interior done.

Because it’s planting season, we won’t have much time to work on the cabin over the next couple of months, but we hope to spend a day or two on it each week.

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