July 4, 2012

Worm Bin

We finally got around to building a flow-through worm bin. It didn't take very long to make and is already working as it should.

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We have a composting toilet. Up until now, we would empty the buckets into a compost pile specifically for humanure, one made out of pallets and shade cloth, and left for longer than a regular compost. This has always worked just fine, but nowhere near as efficient as the new system.

With a flow-through worm bin, you add material to the top, the worms compost it for you, and vermicompost falls through the bottom into a receptacle. It is a much faster process than plain old composting, as the worms are digesting it and pooping out the good stuff.

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We made our bin out of a piece of OSB (8′ x 4′) and some lumber we had lying around. It is lined with plastic, for a little extra longevity. Once we have fully tested out this design, we plan to make a larger one out of metal.

Everything is working as it should so far. The vermicompost has just started to fall out the bottom, and the top is gradually sinking.

Stay tuned for a full how-to in the worm section of the site.

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