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Beekeeping is an ancient DIY art, performed by amateurs and makers for centuries. Anyone can produce natural honey at home. People keep bees in many different kinds of hives, but we like top bar hives.

There are many types of beehives, but we prefer the top bar design. Here are instructions on how to make your own top bar beehive, using a 55 gallon barrel and some lumber. The Honey Cow is easy to make and will provide you with a big, strong hive.

We made Leo an all-in-one bee jacket, veil and mittens. Slip it over the head, zip it up and you're good to go.

When a hive gets too big, it will often produce an extra queen and send her off with enough workers and honey to make her own new hive. This is called a swarm. Catch a swarm by making a simple bait hive and lure to attract some local bees.

Every time you harvest honey, you will also be provided with a supply of beeswax, useful for so many things, including candles, bee lure, tree grafting aid. If you want to clean and melt it, why not use the sun to do your work for you.

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