August 18, 2012

Barn Beginnings

Construction of the Food Web model system has now begun. It's exciting!

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This week, we started working on the barn, the main component of the Food Web’s working model.

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We started by laying out the post bases, of which there are 6. We marked their positions roughly at first, measuring and matching the diagonal distances between corners to determine square. We then set up posts with boards attached (at the same level that the post bases would come to) outside of each corner. We measured the distances and square more precisely, and when we were sure of each position, we put a screw in each of the boards to mark the location. Now, we can put strings in between the screws from one corner to another, and where two strings cross marks that corner.


Abe welded a metal plate to a metal anchor for each post. We will weld the posts of the barn to these metal plates.

We went on to dig holes and pour a concrete base at each corner. We used black plastic for the forms (click here for full instructions on how to do a fabric formed post). Into the concrete we set several pieces of metal reinforcement along with the anchor and plate.


The concrete is now set up, but we will give it a few days to cure before we put up the frame.

Meanwhile, we bought the metal for the frame and roof, and Abe will start cutting and welding it soon.

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