August 25, 2012

Back to School

School's started again and Leo is happy as a pig.

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This week saw Leo back in Kindergarten for the second year. There are three years of kindergarten, although only the last is obligatory. Although Leo can learn here at home – he can read almost 20 words, does puzzles in a jiffy, knows more about wild plants than many adults, loves to “work” on projects, etc. – we cannot give him the most important lesson for a kid, playing with his peers.

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We live outside of the village, and although we get some visitors, we don’t tend to go out socializing. And that might be lonely for a small boy. He is delighted to be back at school, especially as one of the bigger boys with whom Leo clashed has now moved into primary school. He is also behaving better at home now that he’s busy in the mornings, which is wonderful!


As for Nicky, he’s in a lovely stage right now. He is talking. Not always well or even coherently, but he tries to repeat almost anything back to you, especially if Leo asks him to.


He is also benefiting from school being back. He’s a lot shyer than Leo ever was and we didn’t leave the house much over the vacation, so he hasn’t spent a lot of time with others recently. But after dropping Leo off at school, I take Nicky to play with a baby his age, or we visit different friends or do odd jobs.

Both of them seem to be growing faster than we can keep track of.

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