November 2, 2012


I haven't blogged in two weeks and thought I'd do a general catch-up on what we've been up to.

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As with all vacations, we were left tired and dazed and struggling to get back on top of things here at home.

First of all, we came back to a surplus of vegetables. The tomato plants were red with fruit; the peppers, cucumbers, etc. were all ready to be picked; we harvested over 25 pumpkins and winter squash (which Leo counted all by himself); the mushrooms were oozing out all over the place.

Then, we had to deal with the meat. The hams and bacons were cured, so we smoked them all, and cut and bagged them up ready to freeze. We also had a bunch of rabbits to cull. The problem was that our freezer was already full, so we had to repack it, and then eat or sell off what wouldn’t fit. Even now, two weeks later, there’s no extra space in there and we have another 6 rabbits to butcher. I guess not the worst problem to have, but still.

We have been catching up on all kinds of work. Inside, there’s been work online for money, and the book (Food Web) to write. Outside, we’ve painted the cistern roof, cut and mulched the garden, begun to prep for winter, started up more laundry baskets of mushrooms. And the list goes on, mostly with things too small to even remember.

And to top everything off, we’ve all been sick. It seems like we just got over one cold when the next struck. Abe is still reeling from this latest attack. We’re not sick very often, so this month, with three separate colds, has been really hard on us.

Right now, it feels like we have more going on than we can handle, but we’re starting to get into the swing of it and the list we constantly have on the go is started to get smaller (although there are less pressing jobs that instantly fill the spaces a completed job creates). Still, I will try and keep better track of it all with the blogging.

So busy, we haven’t even been taking photos! Sorry.

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