October 15, 2012


We just got back from a vacation to see both sets of grandparents.

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First, we went to Florida to see my family. Of all the places we live, Florida is the most central, so we all get together there: my mother, step-father, father, sister, nephews, grandparents. Four generations, from four separate countries.

It was wonderful, but the time passed far too quickly. We don’t get to see each other very often, and I would have loved to have stretched the visit out for a lot longer.

Both kids had a blast.

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From the getgo, Leo was excited about the planes we had to take to get there. He told almost every person he saw in the airport, “We’re going on two airplanes!”. Then, once we reached my mum’s house, there were all kinds of exciting things to do: feeding turtles, going fishing, sleeping in a tent, driving golf carts, etc. He loved the attention, almost as much as the ipads that he was allowed to play with. He also got to hang out with his cousin, Timmy, who is of a similar age. They got along GREAT for about a day, and then they started to fight a little over toys, attention, food, etc. To be expected from 4 year olds.


Upon arrival, I warned my family not to expect too much from Nicky, as he tends to be shy with others. Within an hour he had proved me a liar. He LOVED everyone. He wanted to be held by each person, had a different game for every member of the family, knew everyone’s names. He was quite the little charmer. He’s by nature a very happy little soul, but he seemed to blossom in the crowded house.


After leaving Florida, we went to stay with Abe’s folks for a couple of days. Again, the kids loved the attention that only grandparents can give, not to mention the horses, cows, chickens, 4-wheeler, bikes and so on! Unfortunately, I didn’t get many photos of this part of the trip, as I was very tired. Both kids had colds, and Nicky had been sleeping badly for a couple of nights. Travel on top of several sleepless nights is not conducive to an eager photographer, I’m afraid.


We are now home, safe and sound. We have a huge list of chores and work to get on with, but perhaps not today, or tomorrow, or…

The slideshow above doesn’t include videos. To see those, you’ll have to go to the flickr page here.

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