January 18, 2018

Cattle management

Since moving here we have been helping to manage a herd of cows.

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We’ve never much wanted to have cows ourselves, but it’s been kind of interesting managing someone else’s.

At the moment, we have them confined to just a couple of pastures, and are feeding them hay and some extra protein. However, in a few more weeks when the grass is growing again, we’ll start rotating them through the other pastures as well. We normally move them every couple of days, so that they never graze the same grass for too long without a rest, and the grass is always lush by the time they get back to it.

We divide the pastures with electric fences, which the cows all respect now. When we need to move them, we just drop a fence and call them. They follow pretty easily.

There are 26 cows and 1 bull in all. They will probably start calving within the next month or so. Last year’s calves did real well.

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