May 6, 2015

Daffy’s Ducks

Daffy has now been accepted into a new family, and she's as happy as can be.

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Much as we loved having Daffy live with us, we did feel a little sorry for her. Any animal, especially a baby, should really have others of its own kind as companions. This was especially true at night, when we would all go to bed and she would have to sleep alone, cuddled to no one.

We had taken her to the barn a couple of times, and she was certainly very eager to talk to the other Muscovies. We tried letting her in with the duck that was setting a nest, but the mama pecked at her, and we certainly didn’t want to risk her with the big male, even though he would come up to the gate to talk to her.

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When the mama duck’s eggs hatched, we gave it another shot. We took the mama off the nest and let Daffy in. The mama tried to peck her, but she raced towards the ducklings and jumped into their midst, snuggling in and trying to hide. The mama couldn’t tell which one wasn’t hers (even though Daffy’s about five times bigger). If the mama tried to peck her at any time, she would jump back into the nest with the others, and after a couple of hours of this, she was completely accepted. The babies all snuggle up to her, and she is over the moon. It was wonderful.

So Daffy now lives with her new mama and 10 siblings in the barn. She is super tame, so shows the others what to do when we bring in mealworms and things. They have a little bath, which they all love, and are all doing great. Another couple of weeks and we’ll be able to let them out of their pen into the wide, wide world!

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