June 16, 2016


Our garden and orchard are flourishing, and we’re excited to see how they grow during the coming rain season.

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In amongst all our other work, we still have had to find time for our plants and animals. The animal setup is well-developed, and despite the birth hundreds of baby rabbits, ducks, and chickens, it requires little work. The plant-life, on the other hand, is still a work in progress.

We have planted most of our annual garden (the rest will be done once the rains start), and it is really thriving. In another month, we won’t have to buy hardly any veggies.

As for the orchard (forest garden), it continues to be increased. Abe started about 100 trees and shrubs over the winter, many of which have been planted out. We have two rows of the forest garden that are full of trees, shrubs, vines, and ground cover, and two more rows that are being prepped. We’ve also increased the little forests in the circle drives and down at the town house.

It’s actually a very rewarding kind of chore. While we’ve been spending so much time working on the computer, it’s strangely relaxing to have to go out and play in the dirt. There’s something inherently therapeutic about watching life grow and thrive.

For more photos, see the flickr set.

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