January 3, 2018


While our rabbit farm was getting going, we made use of some the wild meat sources.

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One of the greatest resources in our area is feral hogs. I know that most people consider these a bane on the landscape, but we’re actually kind of thrilled, especially as there is no restriction on the hunt season. We kept pigs for a long time and know exactly what is involved in keeping them fed, so the fact that there is a big herd here that we don’t have to tend to at all is great.

We have a hog trap, which we set periodically. We tend to go for the younger hogs, and we can now field-dress one in about 20 minutes.

Unlike people’s preconceptions, the meat is tender and very tasty (I’m sure old boar would be different, but we’ll avoid that unless desperate!). We make sure we cook it to the required temperature, to avoid any danger from parasites and the like. Slow cooked pork roast has become a staple in our household!

There are also plenty of deer and wild turkey on our land. We haven’t made use of these yet, but we might before the hunt season is over. The only problem with the deer is their grace and beauty; it has become a genuine pleasure to watch them grazing. Still, you don’t actually want to let the deer population get too numerous, so one day we may have to overcome our aesthetic sensibilities.

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