January 1, 2018


Another priority moving here was to get rabbits.

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When we first got to the new place, we had to do something we hadn’t done in years: buy meat. Not only is the store-bought stuff super expensive, but it’s also nowhere near the quality we were used to. So we bought some Californian rabbits.

We suspended cages from the rafters of a carport. The cages all have water nipples and feeders. At the moment we have 7 breeders, who have a large cage each, and then the weaned litters go into a whole unit of cages (with doors between them open). We may expand the whole enterprise at some point by tractoring the rabbits out on pasture, but this is enough for right now.

The current setup isn’t ideal. We feel they need a little more protection from the elements and would love to somehow incorporate a burrow for each rabbit. But it’ll do for now.

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