March 10, 2015

Mealworm Farm

Our experiments with mealworms have been a huge success. We are now farming them for real, producing about 1.5 lb of worms a week.

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We started off buying about 20 mealworms to test out as a possible addition to our food web. That was a year ago, and we have been very happy with the results. They cost almost nothing to raise, and all of our omnivorous animals (including the dogs) go crazy for them. Our birds are about the tamest you will ever meet and the chicks seem to grow very fast and healthy. We even eat the mealworms occasionally… and they’re good!

We have gradually been building up our stock, and we were to the point where we would either have to cut back the amount of beetles we have or make a new setup. Because they have been so successful, we went with the latter option.

We now have a fully operational mealworm farm that produces about 1.5 lbs of worms a week, with very little input. We love it.

If you want to see complete instructions on how to set up your own farm, see our how-to. Or you can check out the Instructables article and vote for us in the competitions.

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