March 12, 2015

Bonded Pair

An update on the property's first line of defense.

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We originally got the puppy Sophie for Sam, our male dog. Salsa’s now getting old (almost 15), and he needs a younger companion to help him guard the territory, bark at coyotes, and play.

We also do not want to have Sam castrated, because a male’s scent is a much more powerful deterrent to other canines. So our master plan is to breed the two once, to really cement their bond, and then have Sophie spayed. The only issue with that is we don’t want her bred the first, or even second, time she comes into heat. She is now almost 5 months old, so her first heat could come any time over the next six months.

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Our current train of thought is to shut her in one of the barn pens for the three weeks when she’ll be vulnerable, and then have her in the house at times too, so she can play with our other (human) puppies. That seems like a good idea and plan, but neither of us really have much experience with dogs in heat. If any of you have any advise, please comment to this post!

As for whether or not these two dogs will make a good pair, the answer is a very resounding YES. They adore each other, are constantly playing and cuddling, as well as running around the surrounding hills together. Sam is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet, and he extends all of that love to Sophie, even letting her take fresh bones from his mouth. In fact, the only aggression he has ever displayed is towards coyotes, and we have seen him keep up with one in chase.

We have now had a total of 5 dogs, each of which has been truly excellent. Gracie (now gone), Salsa (who Abe found before we met), Lobo (a striking and wonderful dog, whom we adopted. However, he had several homes, and didn’t stay permanently in any one), and now Sam and Sophie.¬†We hope that these two will continue to be best of friends, just like Salsa and Gracie were.

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