July 17, 2013

Metal Skin

The walls are finished, and suddenly the barn has a real feel to it.

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Abe and the guys have been putting the metal on the walls (on top of the concrete) for the past couple of days. It’s so awesome in there. You now walk in, through actual doorways, and it feels like a real building. You can imagine the animals in there and everything. It has taken on shape.

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With a metal roof and walls, there is a risk of it getting hot. However, the building is so tall, and there’s plenty of ventilation – large doors and windows, a gap at the top where the heat will rise to. It certainly feels super cool, even when 100 degrees F outside.

Now it’s time to make the doors and gates. Unfortunately work has been rained off for a few days. It rained all last night, all day today and the weather forcast gives us 80% chance tonight and tomorrow! Not knocking the water – it’s beautiful – but the barn is getting so close that we’re getting antsy.

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