February 28, 2018

Natural fertilizer

One of the best thing about having rabbits is the use of their manure.

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So, as we harvest some of the winter crops, we have to prep the garden beds for the Spring garden. For now, this entails mowing down any weeds and plants, and sprinkling liberally with rabbit manure, which we have in abundance.

Rabbit droppings are one of the new animal manures that you can apply directly to the garden. It isn’t “hot”, so it won’t harm anything, and it’s very effective as a plant food. Plus, it is already in pellet form and is quick and clean to gather. It’s one of the many reasons we love our rabbits.

It’s raining at the moment, so we’ll let the bed get good and wet. Then, we’ll put a tarp over it, in order to kill any new weeds coming up. After a few days, we’ll be able to loosen the soil and plant the new crop.

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