January 23, 2017

Rabbit Garden

We are converting some of our garden wicking beds into patches specifically for the rabbits.

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As I mentioned before, we have several plans to increase the amount of fresh, year round food we can provide for our rabbits. Aside from the oat patch that I talked about in a previous blog, we are also setting aside some of our garden space specifically for them.

Now that the forest garden is going well, we find we have a lot more fresh food for ourselves. We therefore do not need to plant as much of the annual garden space in any one season. This year, we converted two of our wicking beds into winter beds, with greenhouse plastic keeping them a little warmer. Both beds have been so fruitful that we have had to give some of the food to the rabbits, which they LOVE. So we have just winterized another bed which will be planted exclusively for the rabbits. We plan to turn another one over to them as well, but for now, this one will be enough to give them treats until the weeds start to grow again.

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