December 16, 2013

Reading Emails

We set Leo up with his first email account.

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Leo’s been getting really into reading recently, so we decided it was time to get him his own email address (my mom’s idea). He has a Nexus, and he now knows how to turn on the wifi, check his messages and reply, before turning the wifi off again.

Every day he gets a few emails from various members of the family and he replies to a couple of them. He is getting faster and faster with words he knows, and he’s getting better at sounding out the ones he doesn’t know. He’s not yet to the point where he could read without someone helping every once in a while, but it’s still awesome. He is also learning his way around a keyboard, and the more he has to remember how to write a word, the quicker he is to recognize how to read it.

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We’re actually very excited about this development. We’re of the firm belief that once you can read and navigate the internet, you can learn about/to do anything you’re interested in. And Leo is one of those strange little kids that LOVES to do “homework” – he ploughs through any workbooks we have and things we find online, all after finishing his school homework.

And while he’s busy, the house is generally a lot calmer than it usually is. Nicky is pretty self-contained, and can be kept happier for longer when playing by himself. In fact, his latest obsession is coloring. His control over the pen or pencil is getting much better. Still in scribbling stage, but he can do things like circles and spirals.

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