December 16, 2013

New Car

Proud new owners of a new (to us) car.

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We’ve just spent a few days looking for, and finally finding, a car.

We were after something fairly specific, and we didn’t see very many. Any dealer we spoke to said that when they came across the type of thing we wanted, it would sell immediately.

Anyway, we eventually found one. It’s a Nissan, very economical (upward of 40 mpg), absolutely no frills (all manual windows, etc.). They supposedly last forever, with very little that can go wrong! The one that we got has been in the same family since it was new in 2000, and is extremely well maintained.

Unfortunately, we have been having days of constant drizzle and even hail (unheard of for November), and our beautiful roads are slick and rutted again. So the clean, new looking car has been baptized by the mud of our road. Oh well. The great thing is, it made it up our road despite the mud. Helpful having front wheel drive.

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