February 22, 2015

Winter Chicks

On the coldest two nights of the year, one of our hens hatched out 6 chicks.

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We couldn’t believe it when one of our hens started setting in winter, but we let her do it anyway. We moved her and the eggs into one of the barn stalls, where she would be warmer and away from other poultry trying to lay under her. 6 of the eggs hatched and they’re all doing great. The hen is super tame, so the boys are able to hang out with the chicks without upsetting her.

chickEatingLeoTo Leo’s great delight and amusement, one of the chicks started looking for food inside his mouth when he picked one up to kiss. He had just eaten and there must have been something stuck on his teeth that the chick fancied. Both boys were rolling around laughing. Since then, we have started to take them a handful of mealworms each day from our little worm farm. Letting the kids feed the chicks worms out of their hands seems like a much more appropriate feeding method.

Of course, they also insist on taking some mealworms to the ducks as well, who waddle to the gate with surprising speed as soon as they see the kids coming. It won’t be long before they start setting too.

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